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Our Autumn Festival - the Dragon Story

Our Autumn Festival - the Dragon Story
11th April 2024

All eight of primary and middle school classes came together on the last Thursday of Term 1 for our Autumn Festival and performed The Dragon Story.

It is an experiential treat as the sun sets on the Tjoritja Ranges, our outdoor concourse is filled with voices, drama and music. This is the story of a fiery dragon that scorches their crops and threatens the villagers lives. The villagers appeal to their wise king for assistance and they are eventually saved by the mighty St Michael, who slays the dragon with his powerful sword! The students are encouraged to think of the dragon as a symbol of life’s difficult moments. The slaying of the dragon then becomes a deeply held image to which the children can refer to in challenging times.

This story reflects the gathering of our internal strength and light for the coming darkness of winter. Each class performed their own part - songs, music, poetry and drama - and then they came together to perform as one. Class 4 prepared the warm fresh bread rolls & honey butter, Class 3 was the dragon, and all classes from 1 - 8 performed the story and their songs.

This performance is a beautiful example of how the Steiner Curriculum builds imaginative pictures that become a source of wisdom and nourishment for children as they grow. Thank you to all teachers for working together on this event.