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Teaching Faculty

Teaching Faculty


The reverence and respect felt by Steiner teachers for the special qualities of each stage of childhood shapes the school environment – the way children are spoken to, the materials used, the activities undertaken and the approach to learning at each developmental stage.

Our teachers are dedicated to inspiring a genuine love of learning within each child. By freely using art, craft, music, and language in teaching of academic subjects, learning becomes a living, creative process.

Teaching Faculty 2023
Early Childhood 
‘Desert Rose’ Playgroup Jemima Saw, Karen Alvarado, Caitlin Conover and Linnea O
‘Billy Button’ Preschool  Kelly Adams
‘Ruby Saltbush’ Preschool Dierdre Aila
‘Cassia 1’ Transition M’Lis Scott
‘Cassia 2’ Transition Felicia Gomez
Primary School
Class 1 Teacher Andreas Kuepper
Class 2 Teacher Jessica McCaul
Class 3 Teacher Lola KD
Class 4 Teacher Brook Faux
Class 5 Teacher Pamela Keil
Class 6 Teacher Brittany Diaz
Specialist teacher - Craft Bindi Howarth
Specialist teacher – Physical & Outdoor Education Heath Morris
Specialist teacher – Music Jane Coleman
Specialist teacher – Language | German Dan Gerich
Specialist teacher – Language | Arrernte Janine Turner
Garden Coordinator Kaz Phillips
Library Coordinator Codie Abley
Primary School Coordinator Megan Hatton
Middle School 
Class 7 Guardian Megan Hatton
Class 8 Guardian  Dan Gerich
Specialist teacher –Physical & Outdoor Education Heath Morris & Katie Frey
Specialist teacher – Indigenous Studies Denise Berry