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Teaching Faculty

Teaching Faculty


The reverence and respect felt by Steiner teachers for the special qualities of each stage of childhood shapes the school environment – the way children are spoken to, the materials used, the activities undertaken and the approach to learning at each developmental stage.

Our teachers are dedicated to inspiring a genuine love of learning within each child. By freely using art, craft, music, and language in teaching of academic subjects, learning becomes a living, creative process.

Teaching Faculty 2023
Early Childhood 
‘Desert Rose’ Playgroup Jemima Saw, Karen Alvarado and Caitlin Conover
‘Billy Button’ Preschool  Kelly Adams
‘Ruby Saltbush’ Preschool Dierdre Aila
‘Cassia 1’ Transition M’Lis Scott
‘Cassia 2’ Transition Felicia Gomez
Primary School
Class 1 Teacher Andreas Kuepper
Class 2 Teacher Jessica McCaul
Class 3 Teacher Lola KD
Class 4 Teacher Brook Faux
Class 5 Teacher Pamela Keil
Class 6 Teacher Brittany Diaz
Specialist Teacher - Craft Bindi Howarth
Specialist Teacher – Sport Heath Morris
Specialist Teacher – Music Jane Coleman
Specialist Teacher – Language | German Dan Gerich
Specialist Teacher – Language | Arrernte Janine Turner
Specialist Teacher – Gardener Kaz Phillips
Librarian Codie Abley
Primary School Coordinator Megan Hatton
Middle School 
Class 7 Guardian Megan Hatton
Class 8 Guardian  Dan Gerich
Specialist teacher – Health & PE Heath Morris & Katie Frey
Specialist teacher – Indigenous Studies Denise Berry