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Steiner Education

Steiner Education

We offer a human-centred education that aims to educate the whole child: head, heart, and hands. Our Steiner curriculum is based on theories of human development that emerged in the field of developmental psychology.

These theories are foundational and widely drawn on in modern education today. The Steiner curriculum is unique in its humanistic approach. The arts and physical movement serve to support the academic course for each of our programs. And a reward of our school is our Music and Outdoor education programs. 

Our students are inventive thinkers and resilient individuals who cultivate an appreciative regard for a world that they seek to be part of. We use the Steiner Education Australia Curriculum framework which is recognised by Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA).

The Australian Steiner Curriculum Framework was developed from Steiner’s indications to support schools and teachers with mapping the mandatory content, knowledge, and skills of the Australian Curriculum in a Steiner rich context.

The Australian Steiner Curriculum Framework has Content Descriptors for each Topic or subject which are mandatory in implementation, whereas the written Content Elaborations are diverse examples only and teachers may create different learning experiences for teaching the content.

 As in the Australian Curriculum, a teacher’s professional judgement regarding a particular cohort of student needs may vary the curriculum implementation one year before or after the designated staging (Steiner Education Australia, 2022)