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The Alice Springs Steiner School is owned and governed by The Alice Springs Steiner Association (TASSA). TASSA is run by a governing body made up of volunteers (parents/carers and friends of the school) who are full members of the Association.

The Governing Body’s role is to ensure good governance of the school and manage the employment and performance of the principal. In turn, the Governing Body delegates responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the School to the Principal.  The Governing Body is also responsible for setting the strategic direction of the school. This is done in conjunction with The Principal and the College of Teachers. The current Strategic Plan runs from Dec 2016 – 2022.

The educational direction of the school is determined by the principal, working closely with the College of Teachers. An educational Master Plan is devised every two years through a collaborative process ensuring resources are distributed wisely and the goal of delivering quality educational outcomes for the children is the highest priority.  The school is also supported by non-teaching staff who manage the garden and grounds, the office and the business and finances.

TASSA Membership is free for all parents and carers of children at the school, and all are encouraged to join. Friends of the school may also join for an annual fee of $20. Membership nominations are then approved by the TASSA Governing Body.

School Board 2023

David Sweeney


Megan Hatton

Teacher Representative

Dina Fieck


John Mowry


Peter Taylor


Diana Newham


Daisy Weller