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Principal's Welcome

Principal's Welcome


From a dream 26 years ago to an established innovative and modern school, The Alice Springs Steiner School is proud to be part of the Mparntwe community on Arrernte Country.

In our school we incorporate Arrernte teachings of the surrounding Country with geography and history, we include Arrernte language and song and promote sensitivity to our surrounding lands.

Our school community is a vibrant and caring community with outstanding and inspired teachers and support staff, actively supportive parents and friends and lively students. Through our holistic curriculum and teaching we endeavour to inspire students to be lifelong learners, that are able to use their talents to benefit others and the world around them.

Our teaching and learning incorporates the three fold nature of the human being, as researched and described by Rudolf Steiner, comprising thinking (intellectual development), feeling (aesthetic development) and willing (physical activity). Until the age of 7 (Early Childhood) the physical development of the child is the focus, from 7-14 (Primary School) the aesthetic supersedes the physical, and from adolescence (Middle School) the intellectual is predominant. While we follow the Australian Steiner Curriculum Framework, our school adapts for the needs of individual students and for life in Central Australia.

Students moving into high school from The Alice Springs Steiner School are shown to achieve academically, are emotionally mature and can action ideas and plans. 

The next step is to explore our website and come in a meet us to experience in person the learning community that is our school. I look forward to showing you around.

Dina Fieck | Principal