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Student and staff wellbeing is a key priority for The Alice Springs Steiner School. All members of the school community have the right to enjoy a safe and positive environment that promotes tolerance and respect.

We recognise the importance of raising children who are resilient and have a connection with life’s journey and a global perspective.

At The Alice Springs Steiner School:
  • Learning takes place in a safe and supportive environment
  • Personal possessions and school property are treated with care and respect
  • School values are upheld by the wider community
  • The Steiner philosophy underpins our interactions
  • Bullying and harassment are not tolerated

Children need to clearly understand what behaviour enhances learning, cooperation, and fun at school. By reinforcing the expectations, the teacher upholds essential human dignity and helps to cultivate a sense in the child that they should never allow themselves to be treated thoughtlessly or without respect.

Our student conduct framework, teaches students to:

Act safely – Ensure that others feel safe and welcome at our school, act and move safely, feet are for moving, hands are for working and caring, and stay within nominated boundaries.

Be respectful – Of self and others, of all living creatures and plants, of everyone’s belongings including your own.

Do as asked – Respect the authority of all teachers and other staff, participate in cooperatively in school activities, and respect others’ reasonable requests.

Care for self and others – Show courtesy, be cooperative, show consideration to those that you meet, and respect other people’s feelings.

Enjoy – Have fun, encourage others, be kind and strive to do your best work.