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Our School is Expanding

Our School is Expanding
30th October 2023

From 2025, the School announced in September that we will be expanding to Class 9, constructing three new school buildings in the process. This committed from our School Board, has matched the needs, and wishes of our diverse community, seeking an effective and contemporary secondary education school in Alice Springs. 

Principal Dina Fieck said that some families had been moving down to Adelaide to access secondary Steiner education, hence the push to extend to our middle school years here in Alice Springs. By the time students reach middle school , Steiner's hands-on approach of early years arts and crafts has transferred outwards to other practical skills. 

' If were teaching how levers work, for example, we can go and jack up a car to change the tyre to demonstrate.' Dina states. Steiner education also aims to fit in with student's natural tendencies at various ages. Class 8 students, at a time when many start to question authority, learn about revolutions and activism in the classroom. " We look at the French Revolution, the Industrial Revolution and so on, as well as current or past issues in Australia like the Stolen Generations, " Ms Fieck said. 

" We teach them how to argue so they don't just storm off and lam their bedroom door. " If they learn this skill they can actually present a case. So we use the development of the child in the curriculum to then build a whole human capacity'.

The school has been busy expanding its outdoor education program, with Class 8s having recently returned from a five-day outback camel trip described as a 'rite of passage'. Class 7's camp has included sailing in Darwin and canoeing in Katherine, while the projected Class 9 outdoor education program aims to include a Murray River canoe trip.