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Our Autumn Festival, St. Michael and the Dragon Story

Our Autumn Festival, St. Michael and the Dragon Story
11th April 2023

On the 6th of April, the last day of Term 1, our school celebrated the coming of autumn with the Autumn Festival. Every child in the primary and middle school presented the St. Michael and the Dragon Story. 

What is the story of the dragon at Michaelmas? The story of taming the dragon symbolises the inner courage it takes to face our human challenges. As the days grow colder and the nights grow longer, we must find and bring forth our own inner light when the sun, warmth and growth of the earth are fading.

Rudolf Steiner said that the outer conflict of Michael and the Dragon was transferred to the inner human being because only in human nature can the Dragon now find its sphere of action. Thus, we are called to face our own darkness with courage and light. It is even time to question: when we find the “enemy” in the outer world, are we just avoiding facing him in ourselves? And also: how can one be a “peaceful warrior,” taking a stand with courage for a higher truth? This is particularly timely as the violence in Europe continues.

While we do not explain the powerful imagery of the Autumn festival to the children, the images remain with the children as they grow and, one day they will find the “peaceful warrior” within themselves.

Thank you to our community for coming and supporting this event. We hope you all enjoy your holidays spending time with your children, family and friends.